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Summer Library 2017 Early Literacy


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Early Literacy refers to what—and how—children learn about communication, language, reading, and writing before they actually learn to read and write. Research on early literacy and child development indicates that it is never too early to start preparing children for reading success. Children who have been read to from an early age have a larger vocabulary, acquire better language skills, and are more likely to want to learn to read than children who have not been read to. In addition, research has shown that children need to develop certain skills in order to fully benefit from the reading instruction they receive when they arrive at school. 


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 How The Program Works Page
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***When registering online please make sure that the Early Literacy Print Outs

are printed to keep track of books, reading time, and the activity sheet for earning library bucks!

These are also available if you need to print out extra for at home. 

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*Early Registrants Come to the library May 25th To Pick Up Packet.*
Early Literacy Print Outs (Click Below)
Available to Print After May 25th 
Reading Goal Contract  
Permission To Video/Photo
Book Log       Time Sheet         Activity Sheet


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