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Summer Library 2017 Teen

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The library is the perfect place for children and families to become empowered to build a better world! This summer’s theme makes use of the universal appeal of creating, re-purposing, and building. Through books, games, and many STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities, participants will discover new ways of looking at the world around them. They’ll have the opportunity to challenge themselves, try new things, and work together to make positive change in the world. Families will explore the many ways we encounter the world through the five senses and common experiences. Just as skyscrapers are built to great heights, one brick at a time, participants will find themselves reaching for the stars through hands-on learning experiences this summer. Go forth and build a better world!


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House of Cards 


***When registering online please make sure that the Teen Reader Print Outs

are printed to keep track of books, reading time, and the activity sheet for earning library bucks!

These are also available if you need to print out extra for at home. 

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*Early Registrants Come To The Library May 25th to Pick Up Packet.*
Teen Reader Print Outs
Available to Print After May 25th. 

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