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Circulation Policy

These policies cover policies on loan periods, borrowing privileges and more.


LOAN PROCEDURES:  The Keck Memorial Library will loan books and materials upon presentation of a valid library card or upon presentation of a library card from any library participating in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program.  Adult borrowers, with library cards in good standing, are asked to limit their checkouts to 25 items.  Children borrowers, with library cards in good standing, are asked to limit their checkout to 10 items.  Videos shall be limited to three per family.    (Ammended 11/00) (Rev 2/04)



1.  Books - 2 weeks:  overdue fee--.05 cents per book, per day

2.  Books on tape - 2 weeks:  overdue fee--.05 cents per tape,       

3.  Videos - 3 days:  overdue fee--.50 per video, per day

4.   Reference Books may not be checked out. (added 10/00) (Rev 2/04)


INTERLIBRARY LOANS: The Keck Memorial Library, in cooperation with the State Library of Iowa, has entered into an agreement to participate in the Access Plus interlibrary loan lending program (See attached Agreement).  Patrons using the Interlibrary Loan service must have a Keck Memorial Library and be in good standing. Patrons are limited to no more than 2 requests at a time. Patrons will be notified by telephone upon arrival of materials.  Loan periods for Interlibrary Loans may depend on the lending library.  There will be a five cent a day per material charge for overdue material.  Patrons using the Interlibrary Loan service shall be responsible for replacement costs for items not returned and shall be billed as billed by the lending library. (Revised 11/00) (Rev 2/04,)


RETURN OF MATERIALS: All materials can be returned to the library during the normal hours of operation.  A book drop is located in the lobby of the library for the return of books when the library is closed.  Amended 6/93  (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/04)


RETURN OF OTHER LIBRARY MATERIAL: Material from other libraries left at the Keck Memorial Library will be returned to the proper library as promptly as possible.  Material being returned to other libraries will include a slip stating the date the material was returned to the Keck Memorial Library.  However, the Keck Memorial Library is not responsible for other libraries policies concerning material returned in this manner.  Amended 6/93 (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/04)


RENEWALS:  Books may be renewed once on or before the date due.  Books on reserve may not be renewed.  Patrons may call 319-523-5261.  (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/04)


OVERDUE MATERIAL: The privilege of borrowing library materials also carries the responsibility for their prompt return.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended when a patron has overdue material or a patron has a fine that has not been paid. Borrowing privileges will be suspended on all library cards signed by the person accepting responsibility on a card that has overdue material for over a month.  If the fines are over two dollars, borrowing privileges will be suspended on all library cards that are signed by that person.  (Rev 2/04)


When material is late, the librarian will contact the patron by phone as a reminder.  If the patron cannot be reached by phone a reminder notice will be sent by mail.  Two reminder notices will be sent.  If the overdue material is not returned after a two month period, a letter from the city attorney will be sent informing the patron of legal action that will be taken. 

Rev. 4/96   (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/04)


Fines for a book, audio cassette, or video will not exceed the cost of that type of material.  For lost or damaged materials:  patrons will be required to pay the replacement cost of the material plus any fines that may have accumulated with the fines not exceeding the cost of the material.  Rev. 6/93 (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/04)


RESERVING BOOKS: Patrons may reserve books in the circulating collections.  The request may be made to the librarian on duty. Patrons may also reserve a book on the library’s web page by entering their library card number and last name.  The patron will be notified by telephone when the book is available.  Reserved material must be picked up within 3 days.  If it is not, then it will be given to the next person on the reserve list. (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/04)

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