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Selection and Withdrawl of Books and Material

Policy regarding the selection and withdrawal of materials for the library collection.

The Keck Memorial Library will attempt to provide books and other library materials of value and interest for information and enlightenment of all the people of the community.  The Library will attempt to maintain a collection of carefully selected representative books and non book materials which are of both current interest and permanent value.  Since the community it serves is both urban and rural, it will try to meet the demands of clientele from both areas.  It will attempt to serve the children, young adults, adults and senior citizens equally.


Library materials will never be excluded because of the race or nationality or the social, political or religious view of the authors.  The Library will try to provide materials presenting all points of view concerning current problems and issues at the local, national and international levels.  However materials on controversial issues that present only one side of the question and are written in a violent, sensational and inflammatory manner will ordinarily not be selected.

Reviewed 9/97, 2/04, 3/07

Responsibility for Selection

The ultimate responsibility for book selection, as for all library activities, rests with the Director, who works within a frame of policies approved by the library board.  Staff, trustee and patron recommendations and suggestions are given prompt consideration.  As with all selections, favorable reviews are sought in standard reviewing sources or form recognized trade and professional journals.

Standard Criteria:  Materials will be chosen on literary merit, enduring value, popularity, and best selling status.  Multiple copies may be purchase for materials with high demand.  Materials still in demand will be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Children And Young Adult Material
Materials are provided which will aid young people in understanding and coping with their lives, as well as to entertain.  The objective in providing reading materials for children is to guide the children toward the enjoyment and appreciation of good books.  This in turn may help the child to a better understanding of himself/herself as an individual as a member of society, and to establish patterns of public library use that will carry over into adulthood.  The Library cannot assume the responsibility of deciding what a child may or may not read.  That responsibility must lie with the home and the parent
Reviewed 9/97, 2/04

General Non-Fiction: Materials selected for general reading in the subject fields are considered for their readability and popular appeal, soundness of the author's attitude and approach, and quality of writing.  The Library tries to provide some factual up to date material in all areas.

Reference: Standard reference material will be kept current.

Children And Young Adult Non Fiction And Reference:
The same guidelines apply that are used in selecting adult materials.  Special consideration is given to appropriateness.

Religious Books: The Library does not favor or discriminate against any religious group.  Purchase of religious books is limited to those of a general nature or to recognized classics and standard reference items.

Fiction: An effort is made to purchase fiction of some literary merit. The problem of selecting fiction involves a variety of types of novels and the need to satisfy readers of different tastes and reading levels.  In the majority of cases books on best seller lists will be purchased to make them available to the public, even though some may be considered to be ephemeral in nature.

Children And Young Adult Fiction: The same guidelines apply that are used in adult fiction.  Additional consideration is given for the special problems, needs and desires of children and young adults. 

Large Print: The Library attempts to have a variety of books in large print for those who have difficulty in reading ordinary type.
Reviewed 9/97

 Paperbacks:  Fiction and non-fiction paperbacks will be purchased for both children and adult collections.

Audiotapes & CD’s : Audiotapes & CD’s for both adult and children will be purchased with regard to popularity and quality of production

Videos & DVD’s:  Both fiction and non-fiction videos and DVD’s will be purchased for both adult and children in regards to popularity and family viewing.

Periodicals: Periodicals for both adult and children shall be purchased.  Subscriptions shall be retained in regards to popularity and quality.

Selection Tools: Selections shall be made using reviews from such trade and professional journals as Booklist, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, and VOYA. 

Method of Selection:  Materials shall be ordered on a regular basis.  Periodical subscriptions shall be evaluated yearly.

Reviewed 9/97 Revised 6/01, Revised 2/04, Rev. 3/07

Withdrawal of books and materials

The goal of the library is to provide the patrons with efficient, effective service in a pleasant attractive library environment.  To achieve this goal and long range collection-building goals,   it is necessary to weed the collection regularly.  In doing so the following factors will be considered:

1. Age of materials based on copyright.
2. Usage circulation with the past five years.
3. Physical appearance.
4. Literary merit or accuracy of materials.
5. Value to the community.

Disposition of weeded Library materials will be at the discretion of the Librarian and the Board of Trustees.
Reviewed 4/01, 2/04, 3/07