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Computer Policy

Policy listing the rules for using library computers.


The purpose of the public access microcomputers and software in Keck Memorial Library is to provide interaction with a rapidly growing media, to expand learning opportunities and to attract persons who are not library users.

Keck Memorial Library strives to provide information resources which encompass a broad range of programs, print materials and nonprofit media for individuals of all ages.  To promote computer literacy and to satisfy the recreational and educational needs of individuals in the community, the Library provides access to microcomputers. 


Availability of computers is subject to the demands of the day. 

Patrons wishing to save their work may use their own compatible storage disk. 

Patrons wishing to use word processing program should have a basic working knowledge of the program.

Patrons will be allowed computer time, whether on a reserved or a walk in basis, in the chronological order in which requests are received.
It is not necessary to reserve time in advance in order to use the computers. In other words, if the computers are not in use at a given time, a walk in patron may use them.
Computer time may be reserved in advance by calling or visiting the library and placing one's name on the reserve schedule.  The maximum length of computer time a person may reserve in one block is two hours.  Reserve requests will not be taken more than one week in advance.  If a patron fails to show up five minutes after the beginning of his or her scheduled reserve time, the reservation will be considered as forfeited, and others may be allowed to use the computer. Even though you may be late starting you will be subject to stopping at the originally scheduled end of your time period.
BE READY TO STOP:  A person using the computer must be willing to stop when his/her time has expired, even if he/she has not finished a program if others are waiting to use the computer.


If others are waiting to use the computer catalogs or reference program, patrons (customers) may be asked to limit their searches to 15 minutes.  No more than two persons can use or watch the use of the computer at one time.

Anyone who is using the computers in a way that may be harmful to the program or computer itself may be asked to leave the computer.

All persons are expected to cooperate with the procedures and the etiquette guidelines.  ONE warning may be given, but the librarian can ask any person ignoring any of the procedures and etiquette guidelines to forfeit her/his turn.  That person may be asked to leave the building for the remainder of the day.
Please do not hover near the computer while waiting your turn.  It may distract the person using it.

Only the person who has scheduled the use of the computer is the person eligible to use it.


Users may use Library owned software free of charge.   Library software is for Library use only, it does not circulate.  The Library does not own a large collection of software.

Patrons are asked to observe all Federal copyright laws and not duplicate any Library provided programs which are not in the public domain.

A patron wishes to use his\her own software must seek the permission of the library director and obtain the director's assistance in using it with the library's computer system.   Keck Memorial Library will not be held responsible for erasure or other damages to the patron's software resulting from use of the computer.


The librarian is available for general assistance in operating the computer when sufficient staff is available.  However she/he is not a programmer and may not be able to help with a specific problem in a given program.  Tutorial manuals will be provided when available.

We will also be glad to assist you if you encounter persistent difficulty with the program.  Although our library staff is familiar with the software in the Library, they do not necessarily know all the finer points of each particular program.


A printer is available for the public to use.  The librarian must be notified that you request a print-out so that she can make sure the printer is ready.  There will be a charge of 10 cents per sheet of paper used.

A deskjet printer is also available for the public to use. The librarian must be notified that you request a print-out so that she can make sure the printer is ready.  There will be a charge of 25 cents per page printed.   (11/95) (10/00) (7/03) (7/04) (9/07)


A scanner is available for public use.  Use of the scanner will be limited to 30min.  User should have basic knowledge of using the scanner and software.  Items scanned may be printed in color or black and white.  Those wishing to save to a disc or burn to a CD must provide.  7/04, 9/07

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.