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Library Card Policy


A library card will be issued upon proper identification,  proof of residency, and completion of a registration form.  Proper identification shall be a drivers license showing name and current address. If proper identification cannot be produced with current address, a library card will be sent by mail and must be used to check out. (Rev. 11/00) (Rev 2/2004)(Rev.4/07)

Changes of address must be reported.  Proper identification must be shown showing the change.  Proper identification may be a utility bill or rent receipt. (Approv. 11/07)

Out-of-State residents with valid identification may purchase a library card for $60.00 per year, unless the out-of-state resident has a valid library card from another Iowa library.  (Approv. 12/04)(Rev. 4/07)

New library card users will be limited to check out three items (No videos) at a time for the first month.  (Rev. 11/00, 2/04, 4/07)

Anyone with a hotel, motel, or rooming house address (transient) will be issued a temporary card and allowed to borrow one book.  A library card will be sent by mail that should be used for future checkouts.  (Rev. 11/00, 2/04, 4/07) 

Children under the age of eighteen will be issued a card by having a parent or guardian, showing proper identification, complete a registration form and sign the form accepting the responsibility for the child.  (Rev. 12/97) (Rev. 11/00,2/04, 4/07)


The Library Director has the right to place limits on checkouts to anyone who may have shown reason to do so.  This includes, but is not limited to, those who do not return materials in a timely manner, those who change address frequently, or those who do not have a telephone. (Approv. 11/07)


Business cards are available for institutions serving residents of Wapello, Oakville, and rural Louisa County.  Administrators or authorized personnel must sign the application.  A list of authorized users must be provided to the library. Business will be billed for any lost or damaged materials. 

Teachers in the Wapello School District may apply for a Classroom card.   The teacher must sign the application card and will assume responsibility for the use of the card. (Added 11/00) (Rev 2/04, 4/07)


The Keck Memorial Library is committed to serving all citizens and will provide home delivery of library materials.  Applications for library service to those unable to come to the library because of a physically disabling condition may be made through the director (11/00) (Rev 2/04, 4/07)


 A separate contract may be made with the town council of the incorporated town of Oakville for annual reimbursement entitling residents of said town to free library service. (Rev 11/00, 2/04, 4/07)


The Keck Memorial Library in cooperation with the State Library of Iowa has entered into an agreement to participate in the Open Access lending program (See attached
Agreement).  All Open Access patrons using the Keck Memorial Library must abide by its rules and regulations. Open Access patrons may receive full service except they will not be able to request Interlibrary Loan service. (Added 11/00)(Rev 02/04)


The circulation records of the Keck Memorial Library are not open to inspection by any individual or agency except to such process, order of subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of and pursuant to federal and state or local law relating to civil, criminal. or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigator powers. (Rev. 11/00, 2/04, 4/07)


If a card has been lost, a replacement may be purchased for $1.00.  Checkouts may still be made at the discretion of the librarian. (Added 11/00) (Rev 2/04, 4/07)


Library cards are issued for a three year period.  Upon expiration, the card will be automatically renewed if there is current circulation activity. (Added 11/00) (Rev 2/04, 4/07)

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.