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DISPLAYS, POSTERS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: In its role as a forum for information, free thought, and communication in the community, the Keck Memorial Library will, at its discretion, exhibit displays and posters or announcements, which have been submitted by community groups on the bulletin boards.  Only materials of community, national or world interest will be considered.  All materials should fit in with the Library's collection or its broader goals as a source of information, education and recreation. No materials with a profit motive can be accepted nor those of a political or religious organization representing a single point of view.  Furthermore, the Library retains at all times the right to accept or reject for any reason any or all materials submitted for display. Revised 9/97, 4/04, 5/07, 7/11, 3/15, 3/18

DVD POLICY: The portable video player may be used by patrons of the Keck Memorial Library.  People viewing the video must use the headphone set unless they are given special permission from the librarian.  Children may be allowed to use the portable DVD only with adult supervision unless they stay in the reading corner Anyone found misusing the machine or discs, will be asked to leave.  If the same individual continues mistreatment, he/she may lose their privileges. (9/93) Revised 12/97, 4/04, 7/07, 7/11, 3/18



 Fax requests will be accepted from the public

The library has a fax machine that is available to the public.

1. Faxes will be both sent and received. The customer will be charged for each page being sent or received

2. Fees for faxing are:

  • Sending $1.00 for each page sent 
  • Receiving:  $1.00 for each sheet received 

3.  No charge will be made for sending or receiving Inter-library loan or reference requests.

4. Material being faxed will be sent as promptly as library business allows.   

5. Those wishing to have the library receive a fax for them, should notify the library before the fax is to be sent.  Transmissions received will be labeled and placed on a reserve shelf

(7/07) Revised:  7/11, 3/15, 3/18


Microfilm Reader Printer Policy                               

 Through a generous donation, the Keck Memorial Library received a digital microfilm reader.  Persons wishing to view microfilm may use the microfilm reader. Those wishing to use the reader must ask library staff for assistance to use the reader.  Staff will turn the computer on and type in the password.  The password will not be given out to anyone other than staff and president of the Louisa County Genealogical Society/Committee. Staff will give an overview of the system to first time users. Prints can be made from the reader.  Printing is done through a network computer located at the front desk.  Costs are the same as printing from any other library computer. Users may also save information to a removable storage device.  Users having web based e-mail accounts may have scans sent to themselves or others. Time limits may be imposed if others are waiting to use the machine. The microfilm computer has Internet, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The microfilm computer will be shut down by staff after use.  The microfilm computer should not be left on unattended. (4/11) Revised 3/15, 3/18



The Keck Memorial Library complies fully with the United States copyright law. 

  • Copies will be $.10 per page for black and white copies and $.50 per copy for color copies.
  • Copies from manually fed single sheets or multiple copies of pages from books are $.15 per page  

(7/97) Revised 4/04, 8/07. 9/11, 3/15, 3/18



Use of the Keck Memorial Library for a meeting room will be for library sponsored programs and library related meetings or programs. Such as Friends of the Keck Memorial Library meetings, Library Board meetings, Louisa County Librarians meetings, Summer Library Programs, book talks, author talks, tours, children and adult literary programs, or programs sponsored by the library or the Friends group. Revised 8/07, 9/11, 3/15, 3/18

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