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Library Addition

The Keck Memorial Library Addition Plan

Keck Memorial Library Addition Plan

A few years ago the Keck Memorial Library was awarded a grant to conduct a facilities study. As part of the study it was determined that there was a need for an addition to the current library to address the space needs. In the time since the study the board Sketch of Library Expansionhas set the expansion of the library as a long range goal. The consultant recommended at least a 1000 square ft addition. Also we have been exploring the original library for ways to better utilize that space and to give it a face lift at the same time.





We have a plan that would add a 12’x84’ addition to the south side of the library. The space would have a brick veneer that would match the existing brick as close as possible. There would be a window in the front and one on the side.

Plan of Expansion



Expansion plan close-up



This area would include a work area for processing books and other needs to make the library more efficient, and the rest would be library space for reference material and the historical section..  There would also be a new office for the director.  The current children’s section and the youth section would be reconfigured. The checkout counter would move from its current configuration to the south wall where there would be an opening to the work area and the office. The patron computers would move to the north where the checkout area is now.



In addition to the building expansion, the project will include an update of the original library.  That update will include a new air conditioning and heating system, new carpets, painting, a new front door, a security system, and computer desks.  Phase one of the project, construction of the building addition, will cost an estimated $90,000.  Over 50% of that total is now available – either in cash or pledges.  Our goal is to begin construction in the spring of next year (2010).  Phase two, the upgrade of facilities in the original library, will cost about $35,000.


Every community makes an impression on people who visit it for the first time.   Without speaking out, they sometimes ask themselves if they would like to live there, or start a business there.   They look at school systems, streets, parks, industries, and yes, the library.  The Keck Memorial Library Board of Directors believes the “new” library they are planning will tell visitors that Wapello is a community that is on the move --  a community that is willing to work to improve the quality of life for its citizens.



You are invited to help make this project successful.  


Contributions of any amount will be appreciated.  A record of all contributor’s names will be maintained.     This project will be funded entirely by donations and grants.   The City of Wapello has approved the project but is not supporting it with money.


Checks should be made payable to the Keck Memorial Library.  The library address is 119 N 2nd St, Wapello, Iowa, 52653.  



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