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Live Job Coaching: Connect with a coach to get help with job searching, applications, unemployment benefits, and interview preparation. Job coaches can also help transitionyour resume from military use for civilian careers.Resume Lab: Submit your resume and receive expert feedback on formatting, key words, transferable skills, translating military resumes for civilian employers, and more.eParachute: Complete a self-assessment to discover a career or academic path that best suits your interests, skills, and experiences. 


Live Navigator: Connect with an expert veteran to learn more about eligible VA benefits and community resources.Veteran Resources: Review carefully selected resources to help you understand your benefits and community resources.


Live Online Tutoring: Connect with live tutors for help with career-enhancing academicskills.Writing Lab: Develop better writing skills through expert analysis of your papers, complete with constructive comments.LearnNow: Receive live skills tutoring and access an extensive library of lessons, videostutorials, and practice tests including SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, and more.L