Summer Library Program 2023: Find Your Voice

2023 Children's  poster English.jpgHow the program works:

  • Program starts June 1 and ends August 1
  • There will be 1 program packet per week
  • New packets will be available each week starting on Monday.
  • Each packet has a sheet of 9 tasks and a reading “path”
  • Participants will have at least 1 week to complete the tasks. 
  • If 5 tasks are completed, a scratch off ticket will be earned to reveal which shelf you can choose a prize from our prize cabinet.
  • If all 9 tasks are completed, the participant will get a scratch off ticket and their name placed in a drawing for a weekly prize. 
  • Reading maps will be turned in at the end of the program for a chance for prizes.
  • Completed Task Sheets may be returned anytime.
  • You must turn in a completed task sheet to get another task sheet.  Only 1 task sheet per week for a total of 8 weeks.



Sign Up Here:   2023 iREAD Facebook profile.png